6 reasons to get laser hair removal

hair, removal, laser, tria, removallaser, publi
hair, removal, laser, tria, removallaser, publi

1. Save Time – Imagine the time that most women spend shaving their legs in the shower or visiting the beautician to get their underarms waxed. In fact a recent study showed that women spend on average 58.4 days removing hair from their bodies during their lifetime.

This can be a thing of the past with laser hair removal. On average most individuals need six treatment sessions on a given area to achieve the optimal result. Following this they can look forward to a life free of carrying out time consuming hair removal activities – no need to wax, shave, thread or pluck. Maintenance laser treatments may be required to ensure the area remains hair free. The frequency of these maintenance treatments do vary markedly from one person to the next but are usually required between once every six months and once every 2 years.

2. Achieve a soft, smooth appearance – Laser hair removal eliminates the need to shave certain parts of the body like the bikini line or the legs. This prevents the formation of rough stubble like appearance to the skin, whilst the harshness of the shaving process itself often causes the skin to become dry and damaged. Eliminating this altogether through laser hair removal, allows the skin to sustain a softer feel, whilst also appearing smooth and more radiant.

3. Save money – According to a recent American survey the average woman spends $10,207 during their lifetime shaving, $10,555 if they use hair removal creams, and over $23,000 during their lifetime if they wax.

With this is mind, laser hair removal has been shown to represent significant cost savings verses a lifetime of shaving or waxing.

With the advent of the Soprano XL Blue laser by Alma lasers, now you can enjoy the long lasting benefits of laser hair removal completely painlessly. This laser truly marks a revolution in the industry as it allows people of all skin types to enjoy a comfortable treatment without the ‘rubber band snapping against the skin’ feel that was associated with previous laser hair removal treatments.

Laser hair removal works by permanently stopping the hair follicle from growing new hairs, and has therefore been shown to be highly effective in reducing the number of ingrowing hairs.


So in conclusion we can see that by opting to have laser hair removal you could save enough money to pay for a brand new Jacuzzi for your garden. Whilst you wait for this to be fitted you can take a holiday travelling across Asia for a month (with all the time that you’ve saved from not having to shave or wax), before returning back home to spend another month relaxing in your brand new Jacuzzi which has been filled with all the water you’ve saved.