Aromatherapy – A Powerful Stress Buster


If you are feeling stressed out then aromatherapy is best for you. Drugs can heal the body and help us to relax but when you have the convenience of acquiring comfort from the nature why go for drugs. The body response well to aromatherapy and stimulate like never before.

Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is all about using essential oils and herbs to help the body rejuvenate. There are many kinds of products available for aromatherapy such as soaps, candles and other essential oils. It’s not only about providing comfort to the body but aromatherapy can be also be used as a treatment to heal different kinds of illness such as asthma, headache, eczema, insomnia and menstrual problems. A recent report suggests aromatherapy as the best treatment to cure autism.

Massage Therapy

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There have been different kinds of definitions and explanations for aromatherapy. The practice dates back to ancient Egyptian times where oil was extracted from plants and used for healing purposes. Backed by extensive research it is a proven fact that aromatherapy is ideal to relieve stress from the human body. Wide range of plants used to extract pure oils makes it convenient to apply the best to the humans. The process involves massage therapy using essential oils which is known to heal mind and body to considerable extent and provide relief from stress. The fragrance that accompanies the oil makes it more appealing.

If you want to apply oils then make sure you mix the oil with other base oils such as almond oil, avocado oil or hazelnut oil. The blended oils can be easily applied to the body and safe to use. The idea is to dilute the oil and then apply to the skin. However some oils in aromatherapy do not need to be diluted but such oils can be applied in special cases in small amounts such as burns and bites. Chamomile oil and lavender oil are best examples of undiluted aromatherapy oils.

It’s recommended to apply essential oils in significantly small amounts; just a few drops will serve the purpose. Essential oils are expensive so a few drops will save immense money and importantly will be safe for the skin. Base oil mixed with 2 percent of essential oil is ideal combination to be applied to the skin.

If you are new to aromatherapy then make sure you don’t have any allergic reactions because some essential oils can cause allergy to the people. An allergy test can be performed by placing a small drop of oil on the skin and keep it 24 hours to check whether any redness appears or itching happens.


Aromatherapy is now extensively used across salons and homes to heal different diseases of people. Some hospitals are also using aromatherapy to provide relief to patients from aches and stress. The aromatic procedure has been a great success in hospitals and patients are extremely benefited out of it. When you apply aromatherapy, it affects the central nervous system imparting a soothing and relaxing sensation. After applying the oil, the skin pores absorb the oil through which it reaches the blood. The oils move to penetrate the skin and the fat layer. The spinal cord and sensory nerve paths help senses to travel to the brain.

Try aromatherapy! It work wonders for the body.