Does Laser Hair Removal Work?


What is the truth about laser hair removal?

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to believe when we are being bombarded with loads of adverts promising miracles, but in this article we will aim to answer the question “does laser hair removal work?”

If you’re going to be spending loads on laser hair removal you want to know if it works or not. Well the good news it that it definitely does work on some people but you need to have the right skin and hair type for it to be properly effective.

Quite simply if you have the right skin type it’s nearly guaranteed to work well on you and remove your hair by focusing heat and light on your hair follicles therefore destroying (or damaging) them so they can’t produce hair. If you wan’t to know more about how it works looks at out how does laser hair removal work page.

Below is a table of different skin types and a basic rating system of how well laser hair will work on you.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work On My Skin?

Light Skin & Dark Hair – It will work perfectly. 5/5

Light Skin & Blonde Hair – Laser hair removal doesn’t work well with blonde hair. 1/5

Light Skin & Ginger Hair – As with blonde hair laser hair removal doesn’t like ginger hair! 1/5

Mildly Tanned skin & Dark Hair – If your skin isn’t too dark laser hair removal will work well. 4/5

Mildly Tanned skin & Light Hair – Laser hair removal will not work at all

 if you have light hair and tanned skin. 0/5

Dark Skin & Dark Hair – You can get some results, but burns are more likely when you have dark skin too so you shouldn’t use it. 1/5

Dark Skin & Light Hair – As with the above it’s dangerous to use laser hair removal with dark skin. 0/5


Have a look at this chart if you’re unsure what skin type you are. Dark and deep skin types are unfortunately not suitable for laser hair removal.

Also laser hair removal does not work if you have grey or white hair. This is regardlesss of what color your skin is.

Don’t worry if you do have dark skin. Devices such as the No!No! Hair Remover. If in doubt you should always consult your doctor.

If you fall into one of the groups who can have laser hair removal safely then it will work for you. However you won’t see results straight away. Laser hair removal will take at least 3 sessions, and as many as 6 sessions for you to be fully treated.

Your hair will begin to get lighter and thinner, and then eventually will stop growing on the treated area. It doesn’t just work after one session because of the way hair grows.

So to answer the question whether laser hair removal works or not we can say that it does, if you have enough treatments, and if you have the right skin type, in all other situations it isn’t advisable to get it.