How long does laser hair removal last?

Laser hair removal
Laser hair removal is sometimes referred to as permanent and semi permanent.

Will top up sessions be needed?

Laser hair removal is sometimes referred to as permanent and semi permanent. We have already established in my article; is laser hair removal permanent, that the hair follicles can repair after some time.

This means that laser hair removal is really semi permanent. It perhaps should be called laser hair reduction. But how long does it last after your have fully treated an area?

Unfortunately it’s really hard to get any degree of certainty when trying to answer this question. I know you wanted a definite answer, like 10 years, but i’m afraid it differers in every single case. It could last forever, it could last a few months.Your skin type does matter, and if you’re a woman then various hormonal fluctuations could make a difference. If your hair is very dark, and your skin is very light then  your long term results are likely to be better.

So keep in mind any representations made in this article are just general estimates, they may not apply to you personally.

Let’s assume that you have had all the necessary treatments for a certain area (from 3-6 treatments depending on the area). At this stage you should have around a 60-90% reduction in body hair on the treated area.

The human body will start to repair itself after a certain amount of time. The hair follicles will repair themselves but in most cases they don’t regrow to the same strength that they were before the treatment. This means that if they do regrow, the hair will be lighter and thinner.

So how long does laser hair removal last?

Your hair won’t grow back all of a sudden, so it’s not as if any laser hair removal treatment you previously received will be wasted. Usually there will just be one or two hairs which have repaired themselves over a matter of years. For this reason we reccomend getting a touch up treatment anywhere between 1 and 4 years depending on how the treated area is looking.

If it looks fine then there is obviously no point getting another treatment. But 1 to 4 years is the amount of time it will take after a treatment for the hair to slowly begin regrowing. Even if you waited 10 years and let it all regrow, there would still be much less hair than before.

You should also keep in mind that it’s possible some hair was missed during your treatments due to the hair being in different stages of growth. So hair may have been in a dormant phase while you were having your treatments. This means it may be a good idea to go for a top up session if you see significant hair regrowth. These top up sessions should be done once every two years. But this again depends on how many hairs were missed. If you have a home laser hair removal device you can just give yourself another mini treatment if you see hair growth.

Of course the best method to answer the question how long does laser hair removal last will be to consult the specialist providing the treatment. They will make a judgement specific to you based on your skin type and numerous other factors.