Laser Hair Removal and Pregnancy

Laser Hair Removal and Pregnancy
Laser Hair Removal and Pregnancy

Is it safe?

Due to the increased hormone rate during pregnancy you may see an increased rate of hair growth over most areas. Therefore you could be considering laser hair removal around this time. You obviously want to make sure this is a safe and worthwhile thing to do. In this article we will provide you with general facts and advice on the possible negative effects it could have on you and your baby.

It should be noted that excess hair grown during pregnancy should fall our in the months after pregnancy. It’s not permanent! So you shouldn’t base your decision whether to get laser hair removal solely on temporary hormone changes.

Unfortunately there are very few studies done on laser hair removal during pregnancy. That does partially answer our question really – why take the risk? There is a real lack of information about its effect on unborn babies.

Theoretically it shouldn’t pose a risk because the laser hair removal rays penetrate only a few millimetres under the skin. Also they only target melanin – the dark pigments of hair, so this theoretically shouldn’t do any damage. Furthermore only heat is being used in most devices, not any sort of radiation. But the key point is we can’t say this for sure because of the lack of data.

What if you need to use laser hair removal during pregnancy?


If you really must remove hair during pregnancy then focus on the outer areas such as the face, arms and legs. Not areas like the stomach, back and bikini region. The best course of action will be oto wait until after child birth to have laser hair removal.

Most salons will probably refuse to treat you during pregnancy do to insurance reasons, and the unknown factor of potential harm. Be wary of salons who try and push expensive treatments on you while you’re pregnant or clam it’s 100% safe. They simply can’t know this and a salon who clams this won’t have your best interests at heart.

Overall laser hair removal during pregnancy isn’t worth the risk, even if the risk is unknown. If there were several reliable scientific studied which stated “laser hair removal is 100% safe during pregnancy” then our opinions may be different. But even if it was 99% safe would it really be worth the risk to you and your child?

We think in this situation it’s best to air on the side of caution and not get laser hair removal during pregnancy. There are more important things than being completely hairless!