Laser Hair Removal Cost

Laser Hair Removal Cost – What Can You Expect To Pay?

Laser Hair Removal Cost

Laser hair removal costs can vary massively depending on where you get it done, what you get done and how many treatments you need.

I however believe at home laser hair removal is the cheapest option and will actually save you more money in the long term compared to shaving using traditional methods.But how is saving money possible when you are forking out $500 for a device? All will be explained in this article!

First I’m going to give you a price list of how much it is for various body parts. The list is very general and is just used to give you an overview of prices due to the large differences in cost.

I guarantee you will find salons charging more and less if you look! But as you can see from the list, cost generally depends on the area to be treated. Again, these are just rough average costs of laser hair removal.

So how much is laser hair removal?

Body PartClinic Cost4 SessionsHome Device*
Upper Lip$62$248$400
Hands / Feet$70$280$400
Bikini Line$100$400$400

* Remember if you want to do another body part it will cost the same. Although results will probably be better from a clinic. I have taken 4 sessions to be the average amount needed here. It could easily be more or less.

Laser Hair Removal Prices

At home laser hair removal systems can cost between £50 and £1300 and obviously you get what you pay for with the more expensive systems being superior.

This may sound like a lot but when you realise that you will need more than one treatment and you may wish to do more than one body part then it’s much more efficient. Even if you buy one of the best systems and want to do just a few body parts it’s going to work out more cost effective.

The laser hair removal price will be the cheapest or best value done by a professional only when you’re getting a small area done, like your upper lip or eyebrows.

In all other situations it’s probably better value buying a hand held at home laser hair removal device. Although the laser hair removal fees may be reduced at a clinic if you are getting more than one treatment – so enquire about the cost!

Also you may just be more comfortable with having your laser hair removal handled by a professional; their equipment is more powerful than devices designed for home use.

There are various ways you could be charged by a clinic. You could be charged for the area of your body done (usually in cm2) you could be charged per minute, per “zap” done with the laser hair removal device or they could just use a set price sheet like the one above.The most likely course of action would be for them to decide after your first consultation after taking things into account like:

  • How thick your hair is
  • How easy you will be to treat
  • The size of the area
  • The body part
  • The reputation of the clinic

These prices already seem quite expensive, but what you need to keep in mind is that you usually need more than one set of treatments. On average you will need 4-5 treatments (depending on your skin type).

So if you want your legs doing that would be $405 X 5 which is a whopping $2025 or £1300 and then you may want to get your upper lip done for example which would cost $62 X 5 = $310 or £200. This is a ton of money to pay, and also there’s the problem of freeing up your diary in order to book appointments.

So laser hair removal prices are reduced overall in most cases if you buy an at home laser removal system. If you’re feeling kind you can let you can let your friends try out your new laser hair removal system to see what they think of it. They may even like it so much they decide to buy their own!

But make sure it will be 100% safe for their skin type by letting the device test their skin though. You don’t want to be responsible for burning them!

Laser Hair Removal vs Traditional Methods

If you think laser hair removal costs too much regardless of whether its at home, or professionally, then think about the alternatives. Laser hair removal is permanent. That means when your treatment is complete you wont need to worry about hair removal ever again.

You don’t need to worry about buying razor blades, trimmers or hair removal creams. This will save you loads of time & money! It may not sound much over one day – $5 for some razor blades and 20 minutes of your time, but it builds up.

The truth is weeks of your time will be saved and you will be thousands of dollars better off. But choosing the best value laser hair removal isn’t always picking the one with the immediate lowest cost, rather you much look into the future and ask yourself which further treatments you may want.

Only then can you decide which treatment type offers the best net value.  Overall the cost of laser hair removal is high short term, but especially with at home laser hair removal systems, it can save you time and money in the long term.

If you have a question which isn’t answered on this site already, please feel free to get in contact with the at home laser hair removal team.