Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

 Learn the truth about laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects
Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Laser Hair Removal is great, but what are the side effects of laser hair removal, if any? Surely blasting your skin with a laser can’t be the most healthy thing to do to yourself!

Will there be any long lasting or short lasting problems when using a laser hair removal system?

Keep in mind these days everything has side effects but none the less we should be aware of them so we don’t getting a nasty surprise if they do end up happening! Read on to understand some of the side effects and see if you think the treatment is worth the risk.

Overall we think that the results you get from laser hair removal are well worth the minor side effects. Read on to see if you agree with us!

Long Term Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Unfortunately there is sometimes a risk of long term side effects, although rare, they are possible and you should be aware of the risks before treatment.

Your skin may slightly change color on the area you have had treatment, this is because as we explain in the How laser hair removal works article, the laser targets melanin, naturally this could mean some of the color of your skin could be lightened. Quite an intensive treatment would be needed for this to happen though.

Luckily most home devices and the professionals at laser hair removal clinics should know if your skin type is unsuitable for treatment – this may be the case if your skin is dark, tanned, or you have very light colored hair.

Short Term Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Short Term Laser Hair Removal Side Effects
Short Term Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Luckily most side effects are temporary and long term side effects are quite rare.

In the short term (after treatment) you should expect a little pain during the procedure and a while after too. This shouldn’t last for more than a week or so don’t worry, it’s completely normal and you can buy special numbing creams to reduce the pain to a pretty much unfeelable level.

It is also possible there will be a tiny bit of swelling (depending on the person) around the area treated. There probably will be some visual side effects, mostly in the form of redness around the treated area. Again this should go after a week.

A more serious visual problem is when your skin starts to blister, when this happens infection is the biggest problem so you need to keep it nice and clean. Blistering shouldn’t usually occur but the next time you have the treatment, do a little less or make it (or tell the person giving you the treatment) less intense.

Light bruising is also a possible, but uncommon side effect, the bruises should heal at a normal rate however so will disappear quickly.

Considering your hair follicles are being burnt out of your skin though, laser hair removal is surprisingly safe! The most serious side effect from using laser hair removal will be infection (such as from ingrown hairs & scabs) just keep the treated area nice & clean and covered up and you will be not at risk any more than you would be from a paper cut.

Everything we do has some sort of risk or danger and the same is true in the world of beauty & cosmetics. But personally (and im sure you will agree) I believe the laser hair removal side effects are not outweighed by the massive advantages that laser hair removal provides.