Laser Vs Electrolysis Hair Removal: Their Advantages And Disadvantages


For many people, abundant hair is as blessing but when they make you look like a primate because you are hairy all over, then, you become unsightly. Women who have excess hair especially on the chin and upper lip would look like men if the hair is left to grow long. When this happens, hair becomes something to worry about. , then, it becomes something to worry about. Some people remedy this by pulling unwanted hair using tweezers, waxing or shaving.

However, although considered the safest and cheapest means of getting rid of unwanted hairs, the solution is not permanent. The hair is bound to grow again, thus, requiring time and effort to remove them again.

Modern technology have come up with remedies for permanent removal of unwanted body hairs but these are quite expensive and must be used with caution. These two methods are the laser hair removal and electrolysis methods.

Laser hair removal uses a laser beam to burn hair and to prevent it from growing back. This technique has several advantages. First, it can be done fast, especially in smaller areas. For instance, removing hair in the eyebrow can only take a few minutes. Second, there are Do-It-Yourself laser hair removal kits that are sold and are easy to use. So, you can just remove your unwanted body hair even at your own home. However, there are several disadvantages in using laser. One is that it should be used with extra care near the eye-areas. The laser beam can destroy the eyes when it hit them. Second, not all people can use the laser. Since laser is designed to target only dark-colored hair, it cannot be used by people with light hair. If a person’s skin is dark, the laser will target it as well and could burn it. Third, a laser session could cost several hundreds of dollars, depending on the size of the area to be treated. So, if you plan to use it, you must save for it, especially if you are living on a tight budget.

Electrolysis is the process of destroying hair follicles, which results to permanent removal of unwanted body hair. There are several advantages in using electrolysis. First, this procedure can be used for people regardless of hair color or skin color. Since it destroys the root of the hair, the effect is quite excellent. People who undergo electrolysis can expect 40 to 80 percent removal of body hair. It removes all kinds of hair, including gray hair, fuzzy hair and even ingrown hair can be removed. It is also safe to use, even to remove hair in areas near the eyebrows. However, just like anything else, electrolysis also has its setbacks. First, although there are do-it-yourself kits, it is still difficult to use it at home because it needs using needles to attack and destroy the hair follicles, a job which really needs an expert if it is to be done well. Electrolysis may not also be able to destroy hair with follicles that have been deformed by attempting to pull the hair using tweezers of by waxing.