Pros And Cons Of Laser Hair Removal


There is always a contradiction as to which technique is the best for hair removal. Laser hair removal technique is considered to be one of the most effective hair removal treatments. But just like others this method too has its demerits. It’s important to know in details about laser hair removal and both pros and cons will help you decide which way to go when it comes to treatment for unwanted hair removal.

The laser hair removal treatment is definitely fast and can work wonders for any person in just one hour. The amount of hair and surface area to be covered also needs to considered while applying the treatment. Laser hair removal seems to be the best but it won’t be applicable to everyone. Let’s face the truth! The requirement for laser hair removal is the hair should be darker and the skin fair. Dark skin absorbs the light more and burns and irritation can happen. So everyone might not benefit from the treatment of laser hair removal.

Unlike other hair removal therapies like waxing, laser hair removal treatment provides great results. The growth of unwanted hair is slowed down considerably after undergoing the treatment. Even in some cases the hair growth is completely stopped. This can happen provided the treatment is performed properly by an expert. The best part is the subsequent growth of the hair is thinner and finer.

Laser hair removal does not guarantee 100 percent removal of hair. It’s a proven fact that no single method can assure you full hair removal. Millions of hair follicles under the skin would not let that happen so you might get a few growths. The growth however can be controlled by using different techniques and hair removal methods.

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

There’s always a pain involved in any kind of good hair removal techniques and laser hair removal is no exception. Waxing and electrolysis are known to cause more pain than any other method. Laser hair removal treatment cause you lesser pain since the method eliminates the direct skin contact with the machine. A slight burning sensation is felt as the laser burns the follicles however it is short lived.

There might be side effects involved with laser treatment, skin discoloration being the most common one. In case of fair skin people, it is more visible however fade out in few days. The side effects such as skin burns, abrasion and skin discoloration might differ from one person to other.

Laser hair removal is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in USA and is absolutely a safe treatment. A certified professional can provide you the best treatment and guidance regarding laser hair removal and reduce pain and other side effects significantly.

Compared to other hair removal techniques, the laser hair removal method is expensive. You might end up spending thousands of dollars for the full treatment since each session is expensive. Cheap laser treatments are also available however make sure they are certified before undergoing hair removal.

Hope the above tips will serve the purpose of choosing the right treatment for hair removal.