Sugaring Hair Removal

Sugaring Hair Removal
Sugaring Hair Removal

Sugaring hair removal is a natural hair removal method that can be done at home as well as at a spa or beauty clinic. My first experience with sugaring was via Nads hair removal system. I saw it on an infomercial on TV. You can read all about my adventures in sugaring on that page. You can also find a video and recipe for sugaring on this page.

The article below gives you an overview of this particular natural hair removal process.

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Sugaring Hair Removal:
What you need to know

From your adolescent years, you may be one of those who wanted to banish abomination of unwanted hair on their body. Your face, armpits, legs, bikini lines and other body parts; nothing is sacred when it comes to your hair problems.

That is why many women and men are intent on finding effective and relatively permanent solutions to removing unwanted hair as they hold the key to achieving smoother flawless skin. But as the long list of traditional hair removal method goes, sugar waxing is one popular option. It works similarly to traditional waxing, but it uses a sugary mixture instead of wax. Compared to waxing, sugaring is cheaper and easier to clean up.

What is sugaring?

Sugar waxing or sugaring is a hair removal solution that uses a pasty sugary solution. Similar to waxing hair removal, the cool caramel solution is spread over the problem area

and toward the direction of the hair growth so it can easily adhere to the hair and hair follicle. Strips of cotton cloth will be applied and patted over the cooling mixture and will be ripped off like a bandage to the direction opposite the hair growth.

Sugaring is one method that removes the hair from the roots. This way, when the hair grows back, it becomes lesser and lesser in number due to the damaged hair roots. Also, the hair that grows back is usually finer and softer, unlike the thick and stubbly hair growths of people who shave.

The difference between sugaring hair removal and waxing

The real difference with sugaring lies on its sugary solution. It is usually prepared from natural food-grade ingredients like sugar, lemon juice, water and essential oils, making it hypoallergenic. It does not have the artificial fragrances, chemicals and preservatives that waxing solutions have. This explains why people with sensitive skin turn to body sugaring instead of waxing.

Also, since sugaring solution is water-based, it is easier to clean up using plain water. Also, the sugary solution does not attach to live skin cells so it does not have the tendency to overex foliate the skin, making this procedure safe to people who use glycolic, Retin-A and other skin care regimen.

Lastly, since the sugary mixture applied is never hot, it does not burn the skin and it causes less strain and less pain on the skin. So when waxing pain is bearable, sugaring pain would just be like a gentle pinch on your skin.

The cost of sugaring hair removal

The cost of sugaring is comparable to waxing. All natural at home body sugaring kits are available at $10 to $40. Professional sugaring procedures vary on the area being handled. For instance, facial hair removal such eyebrow, upper lip, chin hair removal costs from $10 to $50. Body sugaring, as in underarm, chest, shoulder, full or half arm, bikini, and half or full leg hair removal can shell out $15 to $100.

A few things to remember

Just make sure that you do the procedure correctly, use the best sugaring product that you can find or avail the service of a reputable spa or hair removal salon to achieve the best body sugaring results.

Remember that body sugaring is offered on a limited number of spa and other grooming establishments so finding a sugaring pro would be challenging. Do not ever risk your skin on the hands of an inexperienced staff because ignorance of the procedure might lead to disaster. But one thing about sugaring is that it is gentler on the skin, making it safer to use on sensitive areas where waxing is not ideal, such as the upper lip, chest and genital areas.