The cost of laser hair removal vs. waxing or shaving


One of the biggest pain and bane of any ladies life has got to be hair growth control! I know that in the winter as a general rule most of us ladies will put our legs into hibernation not to be touched again until summer arrives, whereby by then serious action has to be taken.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a way that we could just stop hair growth for good, just not ever have to worry about it again? Something like, laser?

Yes ladies, laser is the way forward, and I myself am a ‘laser lady’ as I like to call it, and this message is addressed to all the ‘razor burn ladies’, ‘ingrown hair ladies’ and ‘haven’t got time ladies’ out there today. And yes I hear the sighs, “If only laser wasn’t so expensive?” Well ladies I have a couple of things to tell you, it’s not as expensive as you might think.
So to all those brave woman out there that wax, waxing on average for the bikini area, every 6 weeks is about £17.00. That works out over a year to be about £160. Now in a year that’s not so bad, but if you start waxing at 20 and carry on until you 45, that works out to be £4000, and that’s just for your bikini, and it’s not permanent and it’s a pain in the neck to keep getting done.

Alternatively the average box of razors will cost about £3.00 for 6, 6 razors if shaving every other day will probably last about 2-3 weeks, maybe less. So over a year you could spend £60 on razors, maybe more depending on how quick your hair grows. If you start shaving at 16, let’s say till 45, the price will be £1740. Nowhere near the cost of waxing, but you do have the inconvenience of razor rash, having to shave nearly every day and almost always getting stubble.

Now let’s compare that to having laser on the bikini using the Soprano painless laser. The prices can vary considerably from place to place however one of the lowest prices I have found for a full bikini laser, 6 sessions is only £720. Not so expensive when compared to the £4000 you’re going to spend on waxing for the rest of your life ladies or even the £1740 on disposable razors.

Here’s one more if that hasn’t won you over yet, an average full leg wax is £30, If you get it done every 8 weeks, that’s 7 times a year which works out at £210. If you start at 18 and carry on until 55, that’s £7,770. For painless laser on full legs, whereby after 6 sessions you will be hairless and happy, you’re looking at a price of £1150. Not so bad in comparison, you could save yourself £6620, that’s alot of new shoes. Think about it ladies!
So although the laser payment may seem alot, realistically it’s only one time, and then you need never worry about it again.  One investment for a life time of hassle free hair. 100% worth it!

So why not bring those legs out of hibernation and get rid of that hair once and for all. Come on, I know you want to be a ‘laser lady’ too.