Threading Hair Removal


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No one is immune to needing unwanted hair removal. We have them on our back, chest, armpits, upper lip and frustratingly more in our sensitive areas. Thankfully, there are many ways in which you can eliminate pesky hairs. But to the long list of hair removal solutions, threading stands out in giving you effective, safe and recession-friendly solution to flawless hairless skin.

Threading is one of the traditional methods of hair removal. Its practice has spread from many countries, dating back from the ancient times. It was said to be developed from cultures in the Middle East, India and Pakistan. Unlike other hair removal practices, threading is considered simplest yet most effective. It does not cost much for all it requires is cotton threads and threading skill. Its age-old history only proves that it is one solution to hair removal that achieves ideal results.

100% cotton thread is ideally used when threading. The thread is twisted and worn on the hands of the threading expert, twisting it along the skin on the surfaces of the unwanted hair. By twisting the thread on the hair, it pulls out the hair directly from the follicle. When it comes to pain, most people who experienced threading said that it feels like getting gentle pinches on your skin while the hair is being removed.

Threading (Epilation)

Compared to more expensive waxing, use of depilatory creams and laser treatment, threading could be your best chance to hairlessness especially when you have sensitive skin or if you are currently dealing with a skin condition. While it does not subject your skin to artificial and chemical fragrances and preservative ingredients, it does not cause irritation, inflammation or itchy bumps as the hair is being removed. If there is an all-natural procedure to hair removal, threading is definitely it. It works great on all skin types. It even works on sensitive and freshly tanned areas.

After the procedure, the skin may be left a little sore. But the actual procedure is never painful. It is only your body’s natural reaction to mechanical hair removal. There’s no need to worry though because the redness goes immediately after a few minutes. The important thing is that it does not strip off your layer of dead or live skin when hair is your only problem.

Threading hair removal works best in removing facial hair. People appreciate getting their perfectly shaped eyebrows with $12 to $15 threading service. Upper lip, chin and other facial hair removal goes from $6 to $60. But while threading is a labor extensive job, it is less preferred when it comes to body hair removal. Actually, threading is not generally performed on the body, unless upon special customer request. Also, there is limited number of experienced threading practitioners. With threading masters being scarce, there are products or tools that you can use to simulate threading hair removal and achieve similar results.

One great thing about threading is that it is highly sanitary. You are assured that anything that is used on you will never be used on anybody else. It is most recommended to people who only wanted to deal with facial hairs as it has the ability to shape even the most difficult bush of eyebrows to human perfection. With absolutely no chemicals applied on the skin, it is safe for use one people who have recently gotten treatments such as tanning, Botox or collagen injections.