Top 10 Reasons to get laser hair removal


Ladies and Gents, there’s no denying that at one time or another we have all felt conscientious, embarrassed, and fed up by the hair on our bodies, and the amount of time, money and will power it takes to maintain it can really get a girl, or guy down. So whether it be shaving, tweezing, threading, epilating or the dreaded waxing, it’s a nightmare and sometimes we could all just really do with it! Right?

But now there’s no excuse to run out of the house with your favourite sleeveless dress only to realise later when you’re out with friends that your underarms looks like hedgehogs!

Or to go on a romantic date and see your partners face when he places a hand on that sandpaper satin leg. Cringe!!

And guys, it’s hot, you want to take your top off, but to embarrassed because after one session of waxing you vowed never to go back because of the pain.

I know of the difficult daily hair hassles that you people go through and I can only appreciate the fact that I no longer fight that war!

But ladies and gents you too can also retire your razors, give up on waxing and renounce all threading, as now in a clinic near you, resides the god of all laser machines, offering you PAIN FREE laser hair removal, yes you heard correctly, you will never have the need to worry about those hindering, inconvenient, time wasting hairs again! And here are the top ten reasons I recommend Soprano Pain free laser hair removal!

  1. 6 sessions and your hair will be reduced by 80 to 90%. Also its low maintenance, once you have finished you course of 6, most people will only need a maintenance treatment one every 6 months to once every 2 years.
  2. Imagine how much money you will spend on hair removal over the next however many years, and also the amount of time. Laser is an investment that will take away the inconvenience of hair growth!
  3. It’s painless, what else could you ask for? And so long as the hair has colour, you can have it done anywhere.
  4. It does wonders for you confidence and self esteem
  5. For those of you with a busy life style, it’s just one less thing to worry about
  6. Wedding, honeymoon or holiday? Who wants to worry about their bikini line, or facial hair? Laser will leave you with silky smooth skin, no more ingrown hairs or razor burns.
  7. Minimal side effects, in-between your laser sessions, all you have to do is protect the treated area with high protection sun block.
  8. In comparison to any other laser machine, the soprano is the safest and most comfortable, it can be use on white, Asian, and black skin tones! Brilliant!!
  9. Laser will help even if you have polycystic ovaries.
  10. It won’t cause any damage to your skin. The laser directly targets the hair without causing damage to any of the surrounding tissue. Unlike waxing which can worsen varicose veins.

I know, what’s the catch right? There really isn’t one; I guess you’ve got to see it to believe it.

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