Under Arm Hair Removal

Under Arm Hair Removal Treatment


Removal of under arm hairs is one of the fastest procedures in IPL and laser therapy; typically a few minutes for each session, and therefore the costs are relatively low. 3 to 5 treatments will be sufficient to remove most hairs.

If you are considering underarm laser hair removal, there are several things that can affect the costs that you should be aware of. The most obvious ones are the skill and professional experience of the technician, location whether it be a big city, suburban and even from home. Make sure that the person who is doing the treatment got the qualification and certification to do the hair removal procedure – Normally you are looking at a Somatologist or a Dermatologist.

The size of the area also determines the cost. Since the underarm area is relatively small, it would be a lot less than say your legs, chest or back.

Costs can vary greatly with each Hair Removal Clinic. They can choose to charge way more than what you can pay per session, or they can be price competitive and charge you fairly.  Like any other service business, the demand for that service, in this case underarm Laser or IPL hair removal, dictates the fee that can be charged.

The total costs of this laser IPL hair removal procedure include the fee of the technicians, the cost of the machine as well as the cost to maintain it. These machines can be quite expensive, so again these costs would be sent onto the client in the form of higher fees for the service. You need to also factor in the creams, salves, tissues and other small items into the cost for this procedure. Another thing that affects the cost is due to items used before, during and after the procedure.

Is Permanent Underarm Hair Removal A Possibility

Many women (and some men) dream of never having to shave again. Permanent underarm hair removal is an option, and the beauty is you never have to shave or wax your armpits again.

The two most common procedures for permanent hair removal is electrolysis, which is tedious and targets each and every single hair follicle.  The is the most expensive of the two, especially if you are looking to remove a substantial amount of hair.

The other option is under arm laser IPL hair removal and this process targets specific cells in the armpit area, permanently removing the hair.

Electrolysis Vs IPL and Laser

Electrolysis has been around for over a hundred years, and laser +/- 40 years IPL is the new kid on the Block and probably your best option for all hair removal treatments.  Do not make your decision based on age though. The electrolysis can be quite painful and leave burns on the skin, and even scarring.

Laser hair removal is literally pain-free and has minimal side effects if the procedure is done properly. The only issue with laser is it is not effective on the finer hairs that are on the face and arms. IPL on the other hand will be my choice and with this procedure you may even go for this treament during your lunch break with no redness or any other scarring effects. IPL Hair removal has become more and more the choice in Hair Removal standards and recommended by some Dermatologist who also make use of IPL on a daily basis.

One quick-fix is bleaching the hair to hide it better. Many women do this for not only arm and face hair, but also pubic hair removal.

One thing you need to remember is to complete your permanent hair removal process, you need more than one treatment. The main reason why that hair grows at varying angles, and both electrolysis laser and IPL sometimes doesn’t get them on the first try. These treatments can be spaced out between 3 to 12 weeks if you like.

The Procedure Of Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Under Arm Hair Removal

Underarm laser hair removal is a method of removing the unwanted hair from the armpit area of the body with a laser that hits specific areas of the hair follicle, which kills the hair root.

It is the most preferred method for anyone looking for near permanent hair removal. The procedure is not cheap, but for many is well worth the cost.

The process of laser hair removal is performed by targeting the darker areas of the skin – the melanin containing cells. These cells often grow near hair follicles giving them their color. What the laser does is damage these dark cells, which even further damages the hair follicles themselves.

The end result is a negative growth of hair in the areas that were targeted. With this effectiveness, this method is also used on the lip, and back.  Bare in mind this will not eliminate the really fine hair or more commonly referred to as “peachfuzz”. In this case, if you wanted to take care of those unwanted hairs, you should look into electrolysis.

There are a couple of side effects that may occur with your laser hair removal procedure. One is acne. This is a reaction by the skin to the laser.  This is usually a minimal amount of acne.  The laser can also cause a slight darkening of the skin.

What You Need To Know About Armpit Hair Removal

Armpit hair starts growing around puberty and can grow in very thickly or even in patches. Every person is different.  Removing armpit hair for females is very common in South Africa. and other countries, and not very common in places like France.

Many guys… especially bodybuilders and fitness males also partake in armpit hair removal for the look of it – Body Hair Removal. Removing over all body hair including chest, legs and arms is also done by these individuals.

They say that armpit hair is there to reduce the friction between the upper inside arm and the side of the body, and in a way that makes sense.

Predominantly women remove their under arm hair, therefore the reason for all the hair removal products targeted to them. Razors, creams, gels and even natural remedies to remove this unwanted and unattractive hair under the arms.

The razor is the most used and the important thing to rememer is to take a hot shower; better yet, shave in the shower for a comfortable shave that takes it down pretty close. If you’ve never used a razor, you might want to stick to creams then.

Waxing your armpit hair is another option but can be very painful. If you want to avoid pain and get it done quickly, you’ll want to look into laser hair removal, but remember this is the priciest and will need to be done ever couple of months.